04 July 2008

Independence Day

While ordering a cheese steak at a cart yesterday, my friend and I met a professional chess player in town from London. After making sure he got his fill of Philly food, we started chatting.

We spoke about our malls, the strength of the English pound versus our dollar, chess, and Philadelphia. He then asked, "Tomorrow is one of your national holidays, correct?"

Of course I responded in typical Marissa style and replied, "Well, yes! It's our Independence Day from....well, er... your country!"

We shared a nice laugh, and he jokingly gave us the American version of "the finger". So I in turn gave him his country's version of "the finger". We wished him luck with his tournament and went upstairs to get back to work.

I'm attending two barbeques today, and even had a chance to make some uninentional Patriotic Freedom Toast. (Ha ha ha.)

Happy 4th!

Enjoy your day off, my American friends.


Anonymous said...

Freedom Toast? Awesome lol. I probably would've done the same thing and not have even been aware of it. That toast does look delish. Hope you had fun at the barbecues.

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

you are too cute :)
Hope you had a great day.

PrincessPea said...

When I lived on your side of the pond, people used to ask me if we celebrated Independence Day in England too, and I'd always nod, smile, and say "Well of course we do!"

...and then giggle to myself at the momentary confusion this reaction tended to cause!

EmilyG said...

July 4th always brings about colorful trash-talk between my English MIL and the rest of the family.