01 July 2008

Constant Vigilance!

Today, my submission for Make, Bake or Buy, had to be a garden. I must have gardens on the mind, after seeing all the lush, envy producing greenery that Shona and Kat are working on!

8. Garden

Why a garden? Mainly, it would imply that I owned or rented a freestanding house that was hopefully at least a few yards away from negligent next door neighbors and their grease fires. Or not living above a man whom once tucked an upholstered chair into a space heater and left for pizza. Lest I remind you of the gasoline spilling neighbor who has since moved out. Why do I feel like I am a stunt double on a bad action sequel that should never have been approved for production?

After some minor drama from the grease fire next door, a quick response from the Philadelphia fire department, and some bonding with our lovely ex-block Captain, things settled down. When we couldn't get the eardrum splitting alarm off, I took a walk to Rita's to get some custard.

I fear that my poor mom will make me move home with my reference to choking and fires in these last two posts. Don't worry lady! I'll practice constant vigilance!

All kidding aside, thankfully, everything was fine. But it is a good reminder to have renter's insurance, to purchase a fire extinguisher, check on batteries in your smoke detector and to remember never to throw water on a grease or electrical fire.

End public service announcement. Stop.


Miss Grace said...

Oh man, it's nice to dream of grease-fire-free world though, right?

PrincessPea said...

Glad you're ok, shame you can't just wiggle your nose and enter into that beautiful painting!

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

Imagine a world without crazy neighbors? What would we talk about :) They make for great stories.

meg said...

Rita's solves all problems. The world would be a better place if everyone had custard.

sulu-design said...

Seriously?!? Apparently, you're a magnet for such neighbors, my dear! A good renter's insurance policy should follow you wherever you go.
How the heck did such a lovely drawing come of this?