26 April 2008

More Housewarming

Last Saturday was spent with pen, ink and watercolors. I have a small studio area, but I love working at my kitchen table. This room gets the best light and it provides a large working surface.

My little studio area

I had a few things in mind. Mainly, one more housewarming card for a blog friend, Shona. I also wanted to give her a market bag she had liked, that has been hibernating in my knitting basket.

Housewarming Card

This card was inspired by the one I made here, but I added a bit more detail. I wanted a reference of a house, and remembered Shona had a photo of her house on her blog. I think it turned out pretty damn cute.

My watercolors

Happy Friday, friends! Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with more crafty goodness.

Detail of Housewarming Card


Anonymous said...

drawing lessons. and sewing lessons. and knitting get-togethers. those are the things that are in order for us in the future lol.

Anonymous said...

oh what a lovely card! i bet she will really enjoy it.
i wish i could draw and illustrate stuff and make things pretty...instead i just sew rectangles all the time. :/

Anonymous said...
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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

You made me cry (in the best way possible) AND now I have YOUR address. A million zillion thank yous + a huge hug!

Miss Grace said...

That is darn cute, I like the flowers especially.

Heidijayhawk said...

stunning work! i work in our dining room most of the time! the light is best there and i'm not locked away from everyone else.

Carolyn said...

Lovely! I love to paint with watercolors. And I love your knitting.

(I just tagged you with a meme.
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Pass it on!)

sulu-design said...

I just saw your card over on Shona's blog and was almost teary-eyed myself over what a thoughtful piece it is. It's beautiful, and such a perfect interpretation of her new place. You the stinkin' sweetest! :) - I just had to throw in a smiley...