03 April 2008

Mike East

Yes, sometimes I refer to Mike by his first and last name. I knew of him before I met him, and that's what everyone called him in Indiana.

This weekend, while I was printing with my gocco, Mike was painting in the front of our apartment. He's starting another cityscape, of rowhouses in our neighborhood. Well, and an abandoned tire and a sidewalk littered with Chinese take-out boxes. But probably not a leopard print chair that is shaped like a high heel shoe, or the one that is shaped like a set of lips.


He finally set up a website with some of his work. I'm really proud of him, because he is not the most computer savvy person. However, give him anything else to try (i.e. bake a pie, build a boat, knit a scarf, squat press 400 lbs), and he'll do it perfectly. He is also the hardest worker and the sweetest guy. What more could I ask for?

His website is here. You should check it out! Or, instead, you could send good wishes into the world that he'll get this job he really wants! (wink).

One of the benefits of having a painter beau, is having lots of great art in the house. Either stuff he has made, or received from trading with friends.

And if I'm really sweet, he'll even make things for me from time to time, full of colors and things that I love.


Anonymous said...

oh i agree! with a boyfriend who has a BFA in printmaking it's just the same. Except i do get a handmade/painted/collaged/valentine thing per year. And my family gets paintings.

i do agree nat has the best artwork on his walls int he city cause of trading with friends. :D

going to his website now to check it out....

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

good luck with the job Mike East~ I hope you get it :)

You are indeed, one lucky girl. But it sounds like you know that :)

meg said...

Artistic couples are the best! Does your boyfriend know Sangram Majumdar, who would have been in the MFA program at Indiana while he was a BFA?

EmilyG said...

Aww! How sweet is "Marissa Sleeping!" Not to mention the lovely drawing of you! Awesome.

Wendy said...

I love Marissa sleeping - I don't think I've ever seen you sit down for more than five minutes - what a lovely portrait of repose!

mariss said...

Wendy, your comment made me guffaw and nearly spit my coffee out. Not a good thing with my laryngitis! Ha ha ha ha.

coloredsock said...

hey Mariss, i loved going thru Mike's paintings. tell him they were really inspiring. i liked, his building scapes, and i especially liked his painting of you sleeping--the way he handled 'you' and the plant in the window. so nice. i'd love to see more figures he's painted...good luck to him on the job, too. thanks for sharing his site!