06 March 2008

Philadelphia Flower Show

In my three years here, I finally made it over to the Philadelphia Flower Show.


I enjoyed the vignettes that transported you into the bayou, as "jazz" and New Orleans were the theme this year. It was an enjoyable imaginary mini-holiday from the bleak winter weather!

Philadelphia Flower Show

I really got a kick out of the canine topiaries playing in a grass filled area complete with a red fire hydrant. I was particularly fond of the

Topiary Dogs

Although I enjoyed the scenes, I preferred looking at the different specimens and varieties of plants in the science fair type setting. It made it easier to find the really weird ones. I won't even say what some of the plants (*cough* orchids *cough*) looked like, but I'll give you a hint...reproductive organs (wink).

No, not the tulips. They were cheerfully normal.


I purchased a few souveneirs from this trip. I've always wanted a bonsai tree, so I found a small one, and even got a teeny ceramic water buffalo to sit underneath it. He just needs a good name, any suggestions?

My mom told me that my Lolo (grandfather) used to do bonsai too, and one of his brothers was apparently a master who studied in Japan. I hope those genes transferred!

My bonsai  and teeny water buffalo

There was a great deal on cacti, so I picked up a few for Mike. He's taken over the plant care at our place, so I thought he deserves a treat for his hard work!


(Okay, maybe the pink ones were for me too). Happy Friday, everyone! I'll hopefully have some crafting to show you this weekend.


sulu-design said...

Ooooh - those cacti are awesome! They can be quite the suggestive-looking plants, too... but ouch.

Lisa said...

I spent all my dough on exotic jams and sauces...yum!

My favorite was the fountain made from all the old brass instruments. I want a gently burbling tuba fountain on my deck :)