09 March 2008

Mini Three Layer Cake

Well, I promised you crafts this weekend, so how about some "show and tell".

The Declan Capelet has finally been started. I'm tweaking the design as it goes, so cross your fingers for me.

Declan's Capelet

I started a new pair of socks, since it's always good to have a pair on the needles. They're mindless knitting and you can take them anywhere.

I finished my taxes, and remembered to turn my clocks forward.


I also baked the cutest mini-three layer cake for Olivia. I've always believed that anything is cuter in the miniature form, well, with the exception of palmetto bugs.

Birthday Cake

Good theory, right?

Mini Three Layer Cake

My proudest accomplishment this weekend was being somewhat understanding when my upstairs neighbor spilled a gallon of gasoline in our hallway. Who does that? Oh yeah, my neighbor. Aargh. The fact that he's now drumming on our ceiling is not helping the fragile relationship. Thankfully, we're watching Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Those guys always put me in a better mood!


Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

gasoline? are you kidding me? What the heck is he doing :)

Oh well dude, enjoy the totally excellent movie!

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

For the past year I have referred to where we live as "our house" but it's actually an old house turned into a duplex. We live on the 1st floor with the f**king, fighting, porn-watching, pot-smoking couple who crank up Megadeath at 3am on the 2nd floor. Thankfully there has not been any gasoline involved or this house surely would have been burned to the ground.
No movie can ease the frustration- I just leave, or better yet... buy a house! Another reason for my excitement.
YES, everything is cuter in miniature!

Lisa said...

That cake is incredibly cute! Love the sprinkles.

...and about the gasoline, WTF? Who brings gasoline into the house? Your lucky be alive and stinky, and not dead and stinky.

coloredsock said...

i'm still laughing..i think i've made every single boyfriend watch bill and ted's excellent adventure with me! hehe (i waited til patrick and i got married til we watched it though...)i'm soooo diggin that pink cake. gotta run now...my taxes are not finished.