19 February 2008

Declan's Show Fleece

I'm finally feeling inspired to use my "alpaca show fleece" purchased from the Southwind Farm in Connecticut last November. I was thinking of a cabled cowl and matching hat, but those just aren't special enough for Declan's prize winning fleece.

Declan's Fleece

That cutie won second place in the nation! My knitting friends don't need to be reminded of this, since I wore the skeins as a necklace, stroking them and repeatedly commenting on my luscious score the entire drive home to Philly. (That's also why they love me though!)

Declan's Fleece

I thought a simple caplet with some shaping and details may be more worthy. I may do a little lace band or edging towards the bottom. Although, I like the idea of knitting it simply. After all, this prize winning fleece is from a very manly alpaca (wink).

Flower Button

Can you believe that after finishing my chartreuse sweater and rainbow legwarmers, I'm going to knit with undyed alpaca? At least this gorgeous wooden carved button will add some of my typical "flair".


Anonymous said...

Ohh! The deliciousness of that alpaca is amazing and I think your capelet will be beautiful! Be careful it doesn't go missing upon completion...I'm just sayin'...things happen...


Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

oh so so pretty. Can't wait to see your capelet. You are so productive! Your knitting is amazing.

cloth.paper.string said...

i'd love to reach in and touch that yarn.
the button is fantastic. where is it from?

Lisa said...

Ah, sweet little Declan...I am so happy to hear he will remain draped around you :)

I think a capelet will be brilliant!

nessagr said...

What a beautiful button! And that yarn is going to be gorgeous in a caplet- so winter fairy-tale -y

elli said...

The alpaca looks delicious, but I am SO IN LOVE with that button! The project is going to be fab!