21 February 2008

The Martha Stewart Show

Aimee informed me of Martha Stewart's knitting special show last month. I requested my tickets, crossed my fingers and ultimately had to tell my friends I had failed on this quest.


The minute I accepted defeat, Olivia leaves a voicemail for me asking if I would like their extra ticket. Her friend Chris, (with whom we took the Sweater Class at Loop), had gotten tickets, but didn't know anyone else but us who could knit.

Martha Stewart Show

So thanks to Olivia, Chris, and a skills pre-requisite, I got to attend my first television show taping!

It was a lot of fun to see how things work behind the scenes. The set was gorgeous, and it takes some major teamwork to keep that show running smoothly. We had excellent seats and could see everything perfectly.

This hilarious guy warms up the crowd up and helps elicit the preferred responses from people. Like an air traffic controller, he had codes for us to knit, put it down, clap, fade out, mmmm, and ahhhhhh. It was exhausting, and all we had to do was sit there!

Martha was knitting with dog hair from her chow chow. Instead of saying "awww" like we were supposed to, I think I emitted a slight, "ewwwww". I know, I know. Sheep, alpaca, rabbits and dead silk worm cocoons are gross too, but there's something that just creeps me out about knitting with your pet hair. This is coming from someone obsessed with dogs too, mind you! I wasn't the only one though, because a woman outside said, "She makes all that money, and she can't at least knit with cashmere?" Or perhaps


I have to say, she looked great in person (since everyone asked that). She was busy being prepped between segments, so didn't but was very funny, and great at ad-libbing when there was a minor blip concerning the word "strewn". She took a few minutes to thank us after the show, before scurrying off to the David Letterman Show.

Purl Soho

No craft themed trip to Manhattan is complete without a trip to
Purl Soho, Purl Patchwork, Kate's Paperie and a little shopping. We also made sure to eat lots of treats and have a fantastic dinner before heading back to Philly.

Thanks for the great day-trip, ladies! Oh, and it airs on Monday, February 25th if you want to see me in a panned shot of the audience! (Ahem, mom and Aunt Marty...)


Knit - R - Done said...

You are such a lucky duck! I record every show, so I'll watch for sure. You'll be obvious in your malibrigo.

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

lucky girl indeed!

I so want to go to a live show of martha stewart show!

I was semi-watching the other day, and she showed yarn made from a dog... was that your show? Maybe it was live here in Boston?

I have to tell you, I would say "eewwww" too. I love love dogs, but I HATE dog hair :) So does my vacuum :)

Calling on Kahlo said...

It was such a great experience! I sat in the back with some friends and I commented to my friend that I loved your jacket!

Nic said...

what channel/station does it air on?

jayjay said...

oh wow! would love be in martha's show as well...hehe. wonder when it will be shown here in manila??? maybe after a year. haha!

susan said...

you know what's pretty cool? if you type martha stewart chow chow knitting into google, your blog comes up first!!!

Carrie said...

What kind of camera do you have? You always take such nice photos :)

Wendy said...

EEEEWWW was absolutely the appropriate response. The day I knit with Dexter's hair is the day you should 302 me!


sulu-design said...

You are just so stinkin' cute and photogenic! And today's the day... can't wait to see it on air.

nessagr said...

How fun! And I recognize that sweater! I'm working on mine now- I went with a tweedy green rather than the originally planned black.

Nic said...

I have the show recorded and just watched it last night! I could see you a bunch of times near the beginning of the show!! I recognized your cinnabar sweater and your big smile :)

Laura said...