26 February 2008

All Quiet on the Crafty Front


There are no exciting craft related projects going on with me this week. My right hand is hurting, so I'm taking a short break from knitting and drawing to heal. Nothing major, I just don't want to exacerbate it so I can lay out Olivia's new kitchen ideas in CAD.

Many of you know my slight obsession with appreciating my limbs, ever since Helena's mom told me in 10th grade, "At least you have arms and legs!" Well, damn right she was. I truly appreciate my hands, and what I can create with them. So no knitting, or excessive scrolling on the mouse.

Don't fret, I will stop by knitting circle anyway--to visit the gals and provide "entertainment" as I believe
Mindy stated once.

In other news, I had two fantastic weekends in a row. Last weekend, we visited my cousin Amanda and her husband D in Harlem. They've been teasing me for five years that "Mike" does not exist. They loved him, and are finally convinced that he is not a hired actor. I also got my dog fix by spending time with their two rescued daschunds, Mr. and Mrs. Beasley.

Here's Mr. B saying, "Please rub my belly, Mike, even though I usually hate boys!"

My nephew-dog

Our good friend, Courtney, visited us from Montreal this weekend. She lived here before, so we enjoyed visiting her old haunts, eating pirogies at The Pub, walking around, and checking out a
William Kentridge exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

They weren't in the mood for the Frida Kahlo exhibit, but I'm going to check it out soon. I did admire the paper banners that are decorating the PMA in her honor!


In the meantime, I'm keeping busy working out with my boss, studying Spanish again, and finding a bridesmaid's dress for Mike's sister's wedding.


Anonymous said...

i love the picture of the doxie! we had a long haired one who passed away maybe 4 years ago. I miss her.

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

I hope your hand feels better soon. You are being smart by not pushing it! relax and dream up new projects :)

sulu-design said...

So Mike was the Snuffleupagus of your crowd, huh? Glad that he was finally exposed as the living, breathing human he is. And that dog photo is insane. Such a cool image. Now get your hand in shape with some good rest, girl!

Nic said...

Brent's also been having a hand/wrist/arm issue, since he is a computer guy and uses the mouse all day long. The doc said to take 600 mg of ibuprofen and ice it 2x day. His problem may be tendonitis :(

I have a friend who has been with her beau for about 7 years... for a long time some friends and I would tease her that he didn't exist. There was mention of a Brady Bunch episode where Jan makes up an imaginary boyfriend. Anyway, I have since met this friend's man and now they are engaged!! Perhaps you will follow the same path?! ;)

EmilyG said...

Hope your hand feels better soon! I'll look forward to this evenings "entertainment." :)

Anonymous said...

i think you're copping out. lol i'm one to talk. i finished the one sleeve and haven't picked it back up. what are you studying spanish for? has this been revealed already and i'm just not paying enough attention? you know i'm special.

Annemarie said...

it was so good to see the Beezer again. uncle steve and i had quite a laugh.
take care of your hand!!
love, aunt sis