15 February 2008

Mid-Winter Gocco Swap

I had a hard time coming up with ideas for the Mid-Winter Gocco Swap, with the practically balmy weather we've been having in Philly. I was thinking of ice skaters, but was eventually drawn to umbrellas.

Mid-Winter Gocco Swap

One of my favorite fountains in Philly is Logan Circle. Walking past it on my way to work in galoshes, I was inspired to do my print with it in mind. Working on floorplans in AutoCAD all day, I am constantly thinking in plan view, and sometimes my drawings reflect that.

Mid-Winter Gocco Swap

I patched and pieced together my screen to create some quick cards and embellish some envelopes. I hope these bright colors help with the mid-winter blahs!


I did put a quick wash of watercolor on the flat notes only. After creating the actual prints with all the different colors, there was no way I could do that again and make the deadline.

Umbrella Outline

Thanks again,
Sarah, for organizing a great gocco swap! It was a great excuse to do something that is slightly scary-- putting your work out there. I'm glad I did it.


I can't wait to see what everyone else created!


lisa s said...

i now miss my gocco...
i love your umbrellas....

thanks for the comment on m'blog.
yes - chuck close does use grids - sometimes on 45 degree angles, but not always. :)

Vanessa said...

You amaze me with your talent once again! :)

Kat - Taylor Made designs said...

love your print and I know it's going to be gorgeous once framed and hung in my house :) Thanks!

Be on the look out next week for my package! Have a great weekend :)

Lisa said...

Too cute, my dear! I am happy you got them all done and don't have to fret over them anymore.

cloth.paper.string said...

oooh, the umbrellas are fantastic!!

Heidijayhawk said...

i gotta thing for umbrellas and those are stunning!

Susan said...

Absolutely fab!

cloth.paper.string said...

i love these images, mariss! the whimsy of the umbrella, the brightness that they bring to the grey that is so often this time of year.

thanks for making the swap a success. and thanks too for sending along the extras. i had spotted these ages ago, maybe on flickr, and was completely smitten.

sulu-design said...

Now THESE are truly inspired prints. I love your design - so unlike any others I've seen in the whole swap thing. Super cute.