13 January 2008

Happy Belated Birthday, Mike!

This beanie was originally started as a Christmas (2006) present. Instead, I finished it just in time for his birthday last week!

Aww, isn't he sweet? He's even posing during the Colts game commercial break. I can't complain, Mike is the best boyfriend, and a most gracious knitting gift recipient.

Mike's Hat

Here's the side, you can see the pattern better. It's my own, a 2 x 2 rib, and a 4 x 1 stitch for the hat. It's very easy, but gives it a little variety. The yarn is Cascade 220 from Rosie's Yarn Cellar.

Green Beanie

Mike's Beanie

Since the hat was technically a Christmas present, I purchased some sock yarn as part of his birthday gift. This is
Schaeffer Heather from Loop.

Schaefer: Heather

What can I say about Mike? He's the most laid back guy I know, and would do anything for his loved ones. He cooks, cleans the house when I come back from trips, offers to give my friends rides, is a hard worker, a talented artist, a cutie-pie, extremely smart, a top-notch Quizzo player, has a great family, knows that I'm crazy but loves me anyway, and is also a great friend. I don't think I'll trade him in...

Happy birthday, Mike!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to the best damn ride-giver a girlfriend's friend could ever ask for!!! Mike, if you and Mariss ever have a falling out, you know where I live...just kidding Marissa!

susan said...


TAYLOR MADE designs said...

Happy Birthday Mike!
That hat totally rocks. Nice job :)