20 December 2007

Another Rainbow Vomited

We had a little yarn swap at Rosie's Knitting Circle on Wednesday. Serendipity led me to my new obsession; Noro Silk Garden Lite (thanks, Mindy!)

Noro Silk Garden Lite

I've never used Noro, and started brainstorming with the girls on what to make. Inspiration struck in the form of legwarmers. The fact that I had a gift credit card burning a hole in my pocket speeded up the process.

I purchased four additional skeins of Noro in the highest contrasting combinations. I told the girls, "I want it to look like a rainbow threw up on these legwarmers." (Hey, it's not easy being this classy.)

I did a quick conceptual sketch to show you what I'm thinking below. I want them to be on the tighter side, but have generous ribbing on the tops and bottoms.

Illustration Friday: Backwards

I did a swatch tonight, and I'm loving this yarn. With my history of rainbow colors, how have I not used this before?!

I may wind the 6 skeins into 12 smaller skeins to enable more variety of color. Anyone have any advice? I'll be doing the legwarmers on circulars using magic loop, so am not too concerned on weaving in the ends. Speak up, my friends! I know you're not shy (wink)!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Vomit, my little rainbow, vomit! Now that I live in a colder climate (not right now, it's 59 + not even comparable to PA) I get legwarmers in a non-retro completely finctional way. Of course in the 80's, living in sunny, warm LA I just wanted to look like Jennifer Beales.

Wendy said...

They're going to be awesome! Glad you love your score from the other night.


Andrea said...

You better start knitting. I can't wait to see those babies done. I am a big fan of Noro Silk Garden. I just used it for my Baby Eleanor. I will definitely use it again.

Lisa said...

What? They're not finished yet?

You're going to become a Noroholic, I can just tell.

Merry Christmas!

Nicole said...

This is so freaky! The other day I was looking at a scarf I knit, made from Noro Silk Garden and I thought, "I bet Marissa would like that." Here is the pattern, if you want another project after the legwarmers: http://www.angelyarns.com/free-patterns/noro-scarf.php

Anonymous said...

we could be the new rainbow coalition with those legwarmers and my socks!

Heidijayhawk said...

just found your blog! love love love the legwarmers!