26 January 2008

Kaffe Fasset

Rosie's is offering a color-work class using a Kaffe Fasset pattern. After seeing the vest that Wendy will be making, I was this close to signing up. However, I need to be focusing on other things, and watching my budget.

I did borrow Kaffe's book
Glorious Knits from the library for fun. After working on my Noro Legwarmers, I think I have enough "crazy colors" going on for right now.

Kaffe Book

Noro Legwarmers

Oh but that vest is so pretty. Perhaps I'll add it to my rapidly growing queue...

Kaffe Inspriration..


Heidijayhawk said...

i am just in love with those colors!

Anonymous said...

i dunno, i think you win the crazy colors this round, but once i get knitting those bright as crap socks, we'll see. no more smokin 40's though.

Lisa said...

Cannot wait to see those legwarmers in action! Whooo-hooo!

Simply Mindy said...

They look great! I'm glad I added that yarn to the Xmas swap. I couldn't have made anything that cute out of it!