24 January 2008

Illustration Friday: Plain

Ah, my first Illustration Friday post of the year, for the topic, plain. Did I want to draw anything plain? Of course not. So I included the absence of plain in the rest of the drawing (wink).

Illustration Friday: Plain

And, no. It is not a wedding dress, people.

Also, damn you, lighting! I had to say it. I can't have you thinking I made the watercolors that yellow.

Now I need to start working on my prints for the
Mid-Winter Gocco Swap. Do umbrellas count as mid-winter? Please remember I'm a native of South Florida...


susan said...

is so

TAYLOR MADE designs said...

love your illustration.
You are so talented :)

Oh I wish I was in your gocco group.
I haven't decided what I will do for the swap... have you?

Heidijayhawk said...

stunning. love it.

Nicole said...

maybe it's a debutante dress?