21 January 2008

Sparkles? Sign me up.

I can see, again! I was in dire need of new glasses. Apparently, my prescription did not change as I was certain it had. You see, my old frames were so heavy, the bridge of my nose non-existent, and earpiece so cracked, that they were sliding down my face and the lenses were not positioned correctly. Oh.

Ta-da! New glasses below. Of course I had to pick a pair with sparkles...

I heart rhinestones!

I'm knitting up some Koigu mill ends to create small hand warmers. I love this yarn. It's so springy you could use it as a trampoline.


Lastly, I hadn't picked up my watercolors in awhile. I made a thank you card for
someone that was long overdue.

Thank You, Sulu!

It was so much fun to draw her little creations, inspired from her etsy shop, here.




TAYLOR MADE designs said...

oh those cards are delightful! You should think about selling those!

Your new glasses rock!

Dallas said...

Your glasses are great! My sunglasses have little sparkles like that. I doubt anyone notices them when I'm wearing them, but they make me happy. :)

I love your cards too. The detail and colors are great.

Laura said...

Two things:
1. A trampoline? really? I'm coming over!
2. Where does one find Koigu mill ends? (well, duh from the Koigu mill. but where did you get yours?)

sulu-design said...

I'm squealing over the card - so cute! Yay!!!