08 October 2007

Double Pointed Needle Holders

The Anne transformed into this skein after a spin with the swift.

Anne-Femme Fatale

I started knitting my sock from the toe-up, using the 'magic cast-on'. Hmm...I just looked at the diagram, and realized I did it wrong. But it worked out, so I'll let it go this time.

Don't you like how the rows of color are forming? The color coming out is different than I anticipated, but I love surprises.

Femme Fatale Sock

I couldn't knit
my socks without my new double pointed needle holders! Sherry, from knitting circle, sells them on her etsy shop, Three Owls Knitting.

They're fantastic. They prevent stitches slipping and needles stabbing through my purse, and keep the needles nice and organized. The cute beads Sherry put on don't hurt either!

Double pointed needle holder

The sun is setting earlier, as shown...so picture taking will be getting a bit harder.

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Felicia said...

Love the color of those socks!