01 February 2008

Illustration Friday: Tales and Legends

Here's my quick submission for this week's Illustration Friday theme -- "Tales and Legends". As all good stories start with,"Once upon a time..."

Illustration Friday: Tales and Legends

On a side note, I'm feeling very accomplished today. I coordinated a job at work, and as one of the riggers put it, "This is the first time I've come for one of these ATM installations and someone knew what they were doing." I was quite proud! Proudness quickly turned to surprise when I realized I was the only one "not packing", as all the cash carrying armored guards have to do. No quick movements, people.

Happy Friday!


Lisa said...

Bravo, Baby!

pia said...

oh i love this illustration - can i borrow it for my blog one day? i think it is a great intro to start a post! and thanks for your beautiful comment the other day ;-)

Andrea said...

Very pretty.

By the way, you make my day. Visit my blog and you'll see what I mean. =)