18 December 2007

Two Years

December 16th was two years without my brother, Andrew.


I like to imagine that he is spending his days being a space cowboy, exploring the universe strapped to the top of a comet, and attending happy hour with Martin Luther King Jr,
Joey Ramone, Karl Marx, Old Dirty Bastard, and Mozart (whom he said was the first punk rocker).

Life can never be the same without a loved one, but it has to go on. Otherwise, what is the point?

My dad wrote a beautiful tribute to Andrew in his
obituary. It summed up the completely unique and original person he was.

I think of him most when I'm drawing, riding the bus, when I try to do the right thing, and when I go out of my comfort zone to do things that may scare me. Andrew is my inspiration to be a better person while I am here, to not care what others think, to help others, give more hugs and to enjoy life.

I love you, kid.


Andrea said...

Beautifully written. =)

EmilyG said...

Anniversaries are so hard. I really admire the way your write and talk about your brother - you honor his life every time you do. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

i agree with andrea beautifullyw ritten and the best thing to do with people who we have lost, is to think of them often.

he sounds like the type of person i'd like to have met.

TAYLOR MADE designs said...

I'm sure he is doing one or all of those things :) I think it's beautiful how you write + speak about your brother.

Lisa said...

I wish that I had gotten a chance to meet Andrew. I know that he is an ever-present part of you my dear friend.

sulu-design said...

I just read your father's obituary for your brother and I am so touched by how lovingly you and he speak of Andrew. Your brother sounds like one amazing guy, and I love that you and your family keep his memory burning bright.

coloredsock said...

yours and your father's words about your brother are so beautiful and full of life. thank you for sharing about him still--he sounds so free and loving and so generous with his love...something we can all be inspired by.

pia said...

beautifully written, thank you so much for sharing.