18 December 2006


This Saturday, we went to the Baltimore Aquarium. My favorite thing to see were the rays. (Picture from aquarium website, I don't have access to mine right now).

Rough Tail Ray

It happened to be the first anniversary of my brother Andrew's death and I wanted to do something he would have enjoyed. So Mike, and my friends Heather and Nate from D.C. went with me to check it out. I have known Heather since elementary school, and it meant alot to me that she came up to spend the day with me. It helps to have people around who remember him and loved him too.


Andrew intimidated people when he was dressed in full punk gear with his mohawk up. (These pictures were taken of him for his friend Reus's photo project. He never got arrested!) But he would open his mouth and be the most sensitive, compassionate and sweetest boy ever. His interests were so vast, that he was able to touch so many people. He would surprise them and broke down stereotypes.


He had a childlike glee and was really silly, which is one of the things I miss most about him. And he gave the best hugs and provided comfort or advice to anyone who needed it. As my Dad wrote in his wonderful obituary, "He was a friend indeed, to anyone in need."


He was an amazing brother. (He let me french braid his hair right after this picture was taken).


He wrote a book at the age of ten and the dedication said, "To my Dad. Because he is not just my father, but also my best friend." And as you can see here, he was really a mama's boy. I think that woman made him his lunch until the eighth grade! We always knew he was her favorite! (wink)

La Familia

I miss you Andrew and I will see you again. (And that totally sounded like Maximus from The Gladiator, but that would have made him crack up).



Aponia said...

I really wish I had met your brother. I feel like I have, after hearing all the wonderful things you've said about him. I love people like that, who just are these awesome people. And it seems so tragic that they always seem taken before their time. Maybe its because they had such a bright personality, something so amazing and special can't really exist more then a brief time. Like butterflies and sunsets. I know that sounds super hokey, but I think its true.

I always loved the sting rays too. My favorite part of that aquarium.

Lisa said...

Wow, Jen just said it all for me. What a beautiful tribute to your brother.

mucho hugs and kisses

betsy ross said...

many many hugs to you. i'm sorry we didn't get to talk more about this during the last crazy week. we'll get together when we get back. we'll meet up early at locust, ya dig?

Emily said...

Your brother sounds like he was an amazing person. Thinking of you during this "anniversary" time - those are always hard.