09 November 2007

Happy Birthday, Old Timer!

Today is my dad's (aka Cheeks) birthday. He hates to get stuff, so I made him a handmade card instead.

Happy Birthday, Cheeks!

I don't know many people whose dad realize just how great they truly are. I hope mine does, someday. Here's a couple of reasons why I love my dad so much:

When I was three years old, I fell into the toilet feet first, while standing on the seat in feet pajamas to reach the sink to wash my hands. Somehow, even though it was the middle of the night, my day 'saved' me and lifted me right out.

He walked Andrew and I to bed different ways each day. We'd be a train, ET sitting in a pretend bicycle basket, on his feet, etc. Then he'd sing us songs (totally depressing ones by the way) and make up stories about Marissa and Andrew the Astronauts, our 'twins' across the universe.

My dad doesn't matter how high you are on the social ladder or how rich you are, he cares about the type of person you are, and how you treat people. Pretty rare for a financial advisor, no?! Of course, he will want you to have a diversified portfolio and plan for your retirement as soon as possible!

My dad has always been there for me. Whether it is job advice, math help in 10th grade, driving lessons (the fights, though!), financial assistance, emotional support, or a really bad joke, he's there.

He donates money to good causes that matter to him.

He is not extravagant. No fancy things for Cheeks!

He believes in me.

My dad adores my mom.

He says, "Oh no, we forgot to unlist the phone when we moved, she found us!" about every time I call. Oy vey.

Lastly, he put me in a box addressed to grandparents in the Philippines and New Jersey when I was a toddler.

I love you, Dad. Don't be too mad I posted this, since you'll be totally embarrassed. Happy Birthday, and as The Droid would have said, "You're old, Oldilocks!"


kat said...

Your dad sounds great!
Happy Birthday to him. May he have an awesome year!

sulu-design said...

Happy belated birthday to your dad. He sounds wonderful. It seems like he's got a terrific sense of humor and that he really knows what's important in life. You're lucky to have one another!