10 July 2007

Rationalization of Gocco

This is the entry where I will rationalize my purchase of the mothership of Gocco, the PG6 which prints up to 6"x9.3".

I bought a Gocco! It is almost as large as the king crab legs I ate tonight, and those were the size of small children.


Pricey? Yes. But look how glorious the parts and pieces are. I truly feel that this is an investment for myself, and can only enhance my arts and crafts. In addition, I'm going to buy this once, and I may as well get the one I really want.

I must mention my dad, who prefers the name "Cheeks", given to him by my brother. Either way, Cheeks doesn't know a ton about art materials, but he has always believed in us and encouraged our creativity and interests. He never told us what to study in college, but told us to follow our dreams, and to dream big.

Since I was a little girl, he told me I could be an architect, doctor, painter, whatever I wanted. The fact that he wanted to buy the grown up girl the printer really meant alot to me. I had my money saved, but I'm going to let my dad spoil me a little bit. (In return, I promised to contribute as much as possible to my Roth IRA!)

I hope my dad knows how special he is to me. Not just because he bought me something, but because so many of the good qualities I have, I learned from him. The desire to always continue learning, proper spelling, how to be a smart-aleck, business skills, that your place in life doesn't matter if you're an as*, independence, and my belief in myself.

cheeks and isang

I love you, Cheeks. Thank you for being the best dad to Andrew and me.


Nicole said...

That is awesome. I hope my children love, respect, and appreciate Brent and me as much as you do your parents :)

I think I had that "Three Little Kittens" storybook when I was little too!

Lisa said...

ok, the Gocco is mighty impressive, but I love the photo of you and your dad!

sulu-design said...

Beautiful post. Dads are the greatest. Yours sounds like one great guy.