28 October 2007

Saartje's Bootees

Here's a small preview of what I worked on this weekend. Below are little booties in progress, for my best friend, Brooke's unborn child. I used scrap yarn from a hat I made her last year. Fitting, no?

This darling (and free) pattern may be found on Saartje Breit's website here. Mine below do not have the buttons yet, so you're not seeing the full cuteness yet.

Be warned, when you see them in their entirety, you will be physically unable to want less than 11 babies. That's just the way it is, I apologize in advance for your future financial difficulties.

Saartje Bootees

I also want to congratulate my friends, Nicole and Brent, who had their first son last week! I'm so happy for you.


Lisa said...

Good lord, I think I may have just heard my biological clock start ticking....no, wait, just gas...hehehe.

EmilyG said...

Mariss and Lisa, you both crack me up!

Cute booties!

kat said...

Those are THE cutest little knitted shoes.

Laura said...

You do realize that by purveying such unbearable cuteness and thus making everyone want babies that you are volunteering to babysit for said 11 babies. No?