29 October 2007

Cast-on: Cinnabar Drops Jacket

Ravelry is my new favorite knitting tool. When you queue an item, your friends see it and vice versa. Needless to say, coveted patterns are spreading like...well, you know.

Garnstudio's Drops Jacket 103-1. I am craving the process to knit it. The fact that I donated nearly all of my sweaters to the Goodwill last spring is mere coincidence.

Now, sweaters galore don't fit into my budget. I almost broke down and bought
Vanna White's acrylic yarn at the AC Moore. Who knew?

Another solution? I went out of character and knit a quick novelty yarn scarf for a favorite coworker's daughter. He paid me in cash, with a thank you card, glorious praise and coupon to be a future reference! He actually gave me more than I asked for, so I bought some yarn.

Malabrigo Yarn: Merino Worsted

Malabrigo Worsted Merino in Frank Ochre. The pattern only calls for 4 balls, but I got an extra just in case. I want to make the collar more exaggerated. Any tips are welcome.

I cast on last night, and it knits like a dream, I tell you! The color is prettier in person.

Drops Jacket 103-1

I like to compare yarn colors to paint colors. My Cinnabar Drops Jacket sounds more regal than chartruese, don't you think?

Cinnabar Green

P.S. Mom, those sweaters I donated needed to go. You'd be mad I didn't do it 3 years ago (wink).


Felicia said...

What beautiful yarn!

Lisa said...

I love knitting with Malabrigo. That is going to be one gorgeous sweater! Knit fast so you can wear it to CT to visit my mummy :)

kat said...

oh looks so nice~
I am using the same yarn but in hot pink :)

Laura said...

Hey, I didn't know Vanna had a line of yarn! I have an afghan pattern book of hers--don't laugh, I've made several things out of that book.
I love Ravelry, too, and one of the big reasons is Drops! I have my eye on several of their designs.

Alice Cervantes said...

Yarn with a picture of Vanna White! Now that's rich.

Glad I found your blog :)

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I am about to meet with my yearly knitting group (we can't get it together so we meet annually to celebrate a friend's birthday) and it was strongly suggested that I not use crap yarn- go for the good stuff. I spy with my little eye the yarn I want + the color! I love love love it.