15 October 2006

Happy Belated Birthday, Brooke!

The cable knit beanie for Brooke was finished last week. Only 2 months after her birthday, but better late than never. And it being handmade and to her specifications will add brownie points for me!


This hat was very easy to knit, and prompted me to finally spend $2 on a cable needle. They really are worth it, and the money is earned back in one measly row!

I will be hand delivering this goodie when I fly down to Ft. Lauderdale in two weekends.

More details on this hat can be found
here. If you're interested in the pattern, email me, and I'll write it up for you.


I'd also like to extend thanks to myself for volunteering to model this lovely hat.


Anonymous said...

Great Job Maris!


Sherry W said...

Looks great!

Lisa said...

Late schmate...it would have been way too hot for her to wear it two months ago. Your timing is perfect ;)

I would love a copy of the pattern, thank you.