08 October 2007

Amapolas (Poppies)

I treated myself to this delightful print below. It is from the fabulously talented, Geninne, whose blog, photographs and illustrations I have been admiring. She's quite an inspiration, I can't help raving.

Print from Gennine

Please visit her etsy shop
here. Even her two sons are wonderful artists, and have their own blog. Awesome...

Here's Muir below...or what was left of it before I ripped it out last night. I had made a few too many mistakes for only 18 rows, so am starting over. Why? I think my mama's worth it!

Muir: In progress

I better go. I have chili cooking and should not be blogging while waiting for water to boil. Mike is nearby though -- and we have a fire extinguisher...


Sherry W said...

Oh, I like the poppies!

Felicia said...

Your mamma's definitely worth it :) Love the print!