03 October 2007

Hello, Muir!

I am officially saying goodbye to summer.

Not that the muggy weather today feels like fall, but I'm craving pumpkin bread, apple cider and
velvet blazers. (I'll take a size 8 in the Welsh Purple if any anonymous rich people happen to read my blog! Just kidding.)

Farmers Market, Montreal

Now that I have finished some projects, I can finally start the Muir stole for my mom. I bought this Handmaiden Seasilk for her last year, and thought I'd want to knit while I was in the Philippines. Um, do you know how hot that country is?

Handmaiden Fine Yarn: Seasilk

Muir is going okay. Reading lace charts is not my life talent, but I'm attempting to learn. In an hour of insanity, I translated the lace chart into a written form...which is three pages long. I'm surprised that for such a visual person, it's so hard for me use a chart.

I like to know how many repeats I'm going to have to do of a stitch (I.e. *YO, K2tog* 6 times), instead of having to follow the chart every step. My eyes jump ahead and I end up skipping something. (This is probably the reason I added an additional stick of butter to the carrot cupcakes on Sunday).

Just the effort of writing it out helped to understand it more, and made the chart reading a little easier.

Schaeffer Anne "Femme Fatale"

My side project (for knitting circle and Quizzo) are a pair of toe-up socks with this Anne. I need to go to knitting circle tonight so that Lisa or Sherry can tell me what is wrong with my socks.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

it's too too beautiful! I'll definately be interested in the progress

kat said...

oh have fun at your circle.
I wish I had one to get me going...and to help me out when I get stuck on my knitting projects :)

Sherry W said...

the only thing that's wrong is that you have a pretty skein of Anne I don't have. ;)