31 July 2007

Market Bags Galore!

Knitting hiatus my tookus! I'm enjoying the easy (and free!) pattern for The Lacey Grocery Bag from Italy, on the Purl Bee. It was the perfect pattern to finally use this fabulous yarn in my stash, from Olivia. She gave me about 5 skeins for a past birthday, so I think I can make 2 lovely bags!

Isn't she a great friend? I mean, seriously...what have you given me? Of course, I'm just teasing you!

Market Bag

I love knitting with cotton for the summer, especially with my matching flourescent green plastic Crystal Palace Daisy circulars. I tried these at a knitting store, and fell in love with them. They're quite weightless and so smooth. (Shout out to Yacht Rock which I am a latecomer, but enjoying nonetheless).

While I'm at it, I may as well finish this old Peaches N' Cream market bag (another free pattern) in turqoise cotton. It's crocheted, which I must admit comes in quite handy for open mesh patterns.

Peaches n' Cream

I'm about two steps away from granny squares or the ripple afghan...but don't tell my knitting friends!


Nicole said...

Hey, there is no shame in being a adept at or even enjoying various needle-craft arts!! If anything, it makes you more versatile ;)

Sherry W said...

Man, we both are hooking now! What will this lead to? (and who will misinterpret this post!)

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

You frickin' rock! Knitting your own shopping bags? Mine are freebees from a drug rep, or old canvas ones that I pick-up at yard sales, you are hardcore.

Anyway, thanks for the comment on my blog. I'll have to read on (and so far I'm loving your cards) but this post stopped me dead in my tracks.

DawnK said...

Your bags are pretty. I just bought some Patagonia Nature Cotton to make one for myself, after Christmas! I can't wait until my Christmas knitting is done.