16 August 2007

Curtains, Murals & Croissants

I'm generally not a novelty yarn type of gal.

Scarf for Brookus

However, when one of your best friend's birthdays is next week, you'll actually be in the same town, and they had given you 2 balls of rainbow novelty yarn to make them something months ago, this is what you get:

I had actually pulled it out, and restarted this on my lunch break yesterday. It's quick, fun, and quite suitable for South Florida. Mike's mom gave me these huge needles, and they're perfect for this project.


The picture above looks like a curtain to me. Perhaps one of these days, I'll knit some lacy, gauzy, linen curtains like I've seen
around from Mason Dixon. In that 'fantasy', I'll also sit down and leisurely eat freshly baked croissants for breakfast at home every morning.

I forgot to show you a mural I helped paint for my friend's daughter's room. We used a projector to trace the graphic, and three of us finished it in an afternoon. It matches the graphic on her daughter's bedspread, and she approves! The daughter was the recipient of the dog purse I made, and was a quite gracious two year old.


I'm off to Montreal this weekend with Mike, David and Sara. I'm uber excited, and hope to get a book read and Brooke's scarf finished during the drive. My headlamp is ready...

...and no, I'm not joking.


Lisa said...

Those would be totally groovy curtains! Any more novelty yarn left in that sale vat at Rosie's?

Have a great time in Montreal!

Emmie Knits said...

I'm making a little scarf in the same yarn. It makes a really nice effect when knitted up. Like your blog!! Regards