18 July 2007

Icarus' Wings

I blew off a date with my gocco to go on an impromptu beach adventure with 3 of my favorite Philly girlfriends. We went to Island Beach State Park, which I highly recommend. But don't tell everyone, it's delightfully un-crowded!

Beach Bum

On Sunday, I drew some quick sketches, made copies of the original, and installed the required lightbulbs properly. With Mike standing by for moral support, I created my first master and it worked!


I decided to draw a sketchy version of Icarus' Wings. It's somewhat metaphorical of my own 'first flight' with this gocco. Of course, I hope not to fly too close to the sun and crash. I just want to make some art.

I created four designs on the one master screen, but was especially happy with one of the designs. So, I created some card sets with matching envelopes and am figuring out what to do with them. I created a set of cards with gold, then cleaned it off and mixed a custom cobalt teal color for a second set of cards.


This one is a little smudged. I had to work on the pressure.

Detail, wings

It feels pretty amazing to sit in your kitchen full of work that you printed off like a little factory. I'll need to refrain from printing all surfaces in my house...

Icarus Set Envelopes 3

Alright, I'm off to knitting circle tonight, so may have a non-obsessive gocco post soon!


Lisa said...

Is this the first Gocco project? They are lovely!

sulu-design said...

These are so delicate-looking. I love your image of the wings of Icarus. What an amazing first project!

Ashley said...

Those cards are gorgeous! I'm smelling an etsy store in your future, or at least I hope I am! :)

Felicia said...

Beautiful wings :)