26 May 2007

Discipline: Unfinished Projects

After finally finishing my sweater, I've been attempting to complete my unfinished projects.

My travel knitting has been toe-up socks in 2 different colorways of Koigu. See below for the true colors of the charcoal and medley of pinks and golds.


One was accidentally knit in zero sized needles instead of ones, so it's a little deformed, but will fit my narrow feet fine.


I started the Clapotis last summer only to cast it aside when I took a knitting hiatus. (I went to the Philippines and it is too hot to do anything but eat ube ice cream and sit!)

The Clap is getting some love now. I've been looking forward to working with the silk noir from Great Adirondack in these warmer months. The colorway is 'Chagall' and is delightfully bright and slightly garish. I love dropping the stitches to make those gaps, it never stops being amusing.


I've been dying to finish this February Sweater by Elizabeth Zimmerman so I can give it to a new baby. Unfortunately, I lost the third ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky.

Do you think the yarn store has it? No. How about Ebay? "Yes!" they said...and then refunded my money when they were wrong. Do babies wear capelets? (wink)


In the meantime, I thought the new older sister of this baby would enjoy a little purse. I like to make sure the older ones get a little something too, especially jealous 2-1/2 year olds! This was a fifteen minute project using some left-over scraps of the adorable dog fabric I had from my quilt.


Only after I finish these projects, am I allowing myself to start any lace shawls from my new book, Victorian Lace Today. This book is like a geode, ugly cover on the outside, beautiful gems of projects inside. I'm serious, go look at that skirt on the cover. I'll wait here.

These pictures aren't the greatest today, but I'm no Sulu, and need to finish these projects already instead of taking more pictures!

Enjoy your long Memorial Day weekends, my American friends. I'm hoping to eat barbequed food and ice cream all weekend.


Nicole said...

how do you lose a ball of yarn? ;)

Would the baby sweater look totally dumb if you finished it with a coordinating color? I think it could work, knowing your enginuity!

sulu-design said...

Ha! I'm sittingh here oohing and ahhing over your crations (the caplet - even unfinished - is beautiful, and that purse is too cute) and then I see that you've linked to me. I'm honored, and only wish I could knit and sew as wonderfully as you do!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful socks and scarf, but you might not want to call the scarf "the Clap".. just a suggestion.

mariss said...

Yes, I probably should have referenced the fact that my entire knitting group refers to The Clapotis (a lovely shawl pattern) as "The Clap", a not so lovely sexually transmitted disease.

However, anytime we can bring awareness to STDs and safe sex is probably a good thing.

Sorry if I offended anyone. But thanks for looking out for me!