29 June 2007

Print Gocco

I had never heard of a Gocco until Leya told me about hers. And of course the company decided to discontinue the machine in 2005, so that it's hard to find one. Until the Paper Source sent me this link. They have made some sort of agreement with the Japanese company, RISO to sell some at their store in the US.

The version below is a larger one, that can print up to 6.5"x9.3". It is almost $400. I just called the store and they said they will be receiving the smaller version around the end of this summer. It prints about 4"x6" and is about $150+. They said they will keep having them in stock, so I do not need to buy one immediately or forfeit my chance to ever own one.


I used to teach silkscreen or screenprinting in my highschool graphic arts class. From what I understand, print gocco seems much easier to use and everything is contained within the unit. I really want to buy one, and for the type of stuff that I love to do (cards, drawings, illustrations), I think this would be perfect. They're not cheap, but it's definitely an investment.

And lets face it, it's better for me to get a gocco than a letterpress someday. When will I have a house to put that in?!?

So my question for you is, if I do decide to purchase one, do you think I should spend the extra money and get the larger size, which will provide me with more options? Or if your name is Marissa's mom, do you give me permission to spend my hard earned money to get one--since it's not a dog or a baby? Just kidding mom!

I'm reading the websites and forums for gocco printing, but would love any first hand advice. Thanks!


Nicole said...

I don't know what your financial situation is, but $400 seems like a LOT. I know it's an investment, but $150 seems like enough of an investment already. And since you love to make cards, isn't 4x6 most useful anyway? However, if you have the money available or feel really passionate about it, then who's to say you shouldn't splurge big?!

sulu-design said...

I can't weigh in on the splurge or save debate, but I have to say that I love the reference to your mom - those pop up a lot in my posts, too! I'm excited for you that you'll be getting a printer, no matter what the size.

Felicia said...

I've no advice for you there but I have heard many people on craft boards mention that machine and their undying love for it.

Sherry W said...

I would hunt for one on ebay, etc and see if I could find a bigger one for a little less.

flossy-p said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's nice to meet you! :D

Now, I don't own a gocco, but there are many who do, and you're right, they have some serious passion for those little machines!

Rania from Gosh Darn Knit uses hers for soooo many things, this is what she said recently:

"I find that it's so hard to stop once you've started gocco printing, and pretty much shove anything that doesn't have a tail or heartbeat into the press to see what comes out."

So I don't know, $400 does seem alot, but I have a tendency to think once you had one you'd never regret spending the money (much like a good holiday).

You could always start with a small one, see if you like it, then when you're ready to go big, sell the small one. There'll always be someone hunting for one I'm sure.

Good luck deciding.