04 May 2007

Pineapple Zimmerman

I'm reading The Knitter's Almanac for the first time. After about two pages, it clicked why there is such a fuss about the revered Elizabeth Zimmerman. What an amazing and inspiring woman!

I love the conversational aspect of her writing. It feels as we are old friends, and her sensibility is refreshing. "Gauge is approximately 5st= 1 inch, but babies come in all sizes" is one of the tidbits of advice that did me in, and scared me at the same time... The descriptions for her patterns are not very detailed, but in making it that way, it enables the reader to use their wits to figure it out themselves.


Thanks for everyone's advice about
knitting superstitions. I have decided to start knitting a baby sweater, but not necessarily for anyone. I first saw the pattern on Brooklyn Tweed's blog, and thought it was gorgeous. (Here's a picture of a finished one by Elliphantom Knits). Since then, I've wanted to knit one mainly for the process. We'll just call this a "swatch" for now. And if someone happens to have a baby in the next week or so, perhaps they'll get it.


The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in a lovely cherry red that is machine washable and on sale. That button is just there for show, but it's a bit too "matchy-matchy" for me.

The model below has been named, Pineapple Zimmerman. She was too cute not to be a model, but the sweater is a little big for her. I've actually finished the first sleeve, but don't have a picture. So far the pattern is easy, fun to knit, and easy to memorize. I highly recommend it.


I'm off to Maryland Sheep and Wool tomorrow, and will be getting up very early to witness the madness at the Koigu booth. I've paid all of my bills so that I must stick to my budget, no matter how cute those alpacas are...but my car is big.

Then we are off to
Aimee's house to celebrate her birthday and Cinco de Mayo! Hope your weekends are fantastic as well.

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Sherry W said...

I did get two sheep in your car. :)