19 June 2007

Renegade Craft Fair

I can finally cross attending the Renegade Craft Fair off of my list.

I took a day trip to Brooklyn on Saturday, with my friends, Jennifer, Sarah and David. The weather was gorgeous, and I was very excited to see some of the work that I see online, or through blogs.

I had been looking forward to seeing Wren Handmade. I was not disappointed. She had the classiest and most sophisticated stuffed elephants I've ever seen. With my budget, and current sense of practicality, I could only let myself purchase one of her microscopic, adorable crocheted daffodil hair clips. Click here to see the entire collection.


My favorite artist was Lorena Barrezueta. I purchased the salmon color glazed porcelain dish from her above. It is cast from a Japanese cupcake tin. The item I was truly coveting is her 9" pie dish called 'Slice' in the turquoise glaze, from the Gourmet Collection.


(Photo from Lorena Barrezueta's site found here).

I really liked Caitlin Phillips' of Rebound Designs amazing purses made out of vintage books. If they had a purse out of a copy of James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, I may have been inclined to shell out the beau coup bucks. I've always had a little crush on Stephen Daedalus.

If I had remembered, I wanted to buy a wooden sewing needle case and a wooden pin doll from The Small Object. I completely forgot to go back, but I can find these items online. Cute na cute as they say in the Philippines.



(Pictures from The Small Object.)

I was very impressed with my friend, Aimee, who created a lovely display for her patterns out of ugly wood from our trip to Home Depot last week.


She also made some ingenious fans that kept yours truly cool on a somewhat sweltering day.


I hope your weekend was filled with fun too!


Aponia said...

I just spoke to Aimee during my lunch break! She works not very far from I do.

I had lots o fun with you lady! And you know...I completely blanked on going back for a needle holder until I got home! Now of course its all I'm thinking about.

Then I had to go and ruin my perfectly nice day by ripping up my legs. I really am an idiot.

We should get together again soon!

And thank you thank you thank you thank you for the ride to Renegade!

sulu-design said...

Another craft fair - missed! It sounds like it was great, though. WREN Handmade is one of my favorites, too. I swear one day I'm gonna be around for one of these fairs some day...