15 June 2007

A Tour of Two Cities

It's been quiet over here this week. After our three day weekend with Mike's family, I was exhausted! We toured Philadelphia and New York, with weather ranging from scorching to downright chilly.

We went on the
Ride the Ducks Tour around Philadelphia and enjoyed riding in the Delaware River.

Visited the cracked Liberty Bell, which rang in the note of E, if you were curious.


I got stopped in traffic during the Gay Pride Parade and had a front row seat of some gorgeous boys in their tighty whities and angel wings throwing candy.

Lunch and ice cream at the Reading Terminal.

The Philadelphia Visitor Center.

Congress Hall, and the Independence Hall tour.


The New Jersey Turnpike Tour provided by my vehicle.

The Staten Island Ferry! (If you're counting modes of transportation, we went on a ferry, a DUKW vehicle, cab, subway and car!)


We watched The Yankees (and cute Johnny Damon) beat the Pirates! I had forgotten how much fun it is to go to a ball game. We had a great time, so a big thank you to Susan and Charlie!


We pretended to be really cool New Yorkers on the 4 Train. Aren't these poses the antithesis of touristy? Note the free-hat day game and brand new Derek Jeter shirt!


We went to Central Park while it was still light out and saw the seals in their pond and climbed on some of the rocks.

If you're still looking for the crafty information, it's not coming this post (wink). However, Mike's sister, Susan (fellow crafter) did bring me some adorable handmade cards that were tatted by a sweetheart named Betty. It's stamped on the back and signed!

We visited Times Square at night, of course. Nate really wanted to come here, and I think he was impressed. I know I was immensely impressed with the ice cream cake in a cup I got at Carvel. I fulfilled my mission of having ice cream at least once a day this trip.


This is Susan, who is a really cool friend to have, who happens to be one of Mike's older sisters. He really does have the nicest family. They're all lots of fun, and are excellent house guests who surprise you by doing the dishes! Or by being seven years old and flipping pancakes perfectly...


Here is Mike with his nephew. I must say, for having the longest day imaginable, everyone was in great spirits, and Nate is seriously the coolest kid.


Doesn't Mike look so cute and happy, even though he has to drive us home to Philly after he gets off that ferry at 10:30 at night?

Yep. He's a keeper.

I better go, I'm driving back to Brooklyn tomorrow for the
Renegade Craft Fair, and need my beauty sleep! Thanks for reading about my trip, my friends.

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