03 April 2007

Atlas Shrugged -- "Yes it's a quilt of the world!"

As a crafter / weekend-artist / knitter / maker of all things, I tend to show love with homemade things. Not all the time, but for certain special people, I want to spend the time and energy to create something.

It can start with an idea, a letter composed in my head, or a picture that I can see clearly in my mind, and I just need to bring to life through an illustration, an apron, a book, or in this case--a quilt.

A friend of mine just adopted a beautiful little girl from Ethiopia. This friend also happened to be my first boss in Philly. She has really helped me out alot, given great advice, food, fabric samples and friendship. She will also make a wonderful mother, and I'm so happy for her and her new daughter.

I'm always interested in seeing the design process...so here is part of mine.Idea in head for months...work trip to Manhattan = a trip to my favorite fabric store where I came home with a some cotton-y goodness after eating 2 cupcakes and Korean food with my friend Kathy Jean.

Stay late at work to utilize AutoCad and the plotter to create a full scale template of the 45" x 60" baby quilt. This was also an easy way to avoid sketching out 4 very large continents or bribing Mike to do it. Laid it out and realized that decision making is not always my best quality... Doubted the fabrics I selected and started sketching out options. Pick one after feedback from my esteemed boyfriend.


Pared the palette down as originally intended and narrowed it down to these:


Well....okay. AND these. (It is a kid's blanket after all, we need some texture and color!)


Then, I just kind of "wing it" (while maintaining excellent craftsmanship!) and let the project unfold. (Side note: I just quoted my father, who during movies says to stop asking questions and "let the story unfold". The horror!)

I started quilting on Friday, and the 'quilt sandwich' is in progress...as well as some self-taught embroidery. I'm keeping the stitches small and tight so that little fingers will not get caught in it.


If you know me, you know that I take my work and myself VERY seriously...as demonstrated in an old photo below (big wink!).


I think it's going okay so far, "just winging it" in an orderly fashion...Props to my boy Mike for helping cut out the Mediterranean coast.


P.S. As I was looking at the childhood picture of myself, I jumped because I was mirroring the image. That is my pose and expression for painting, drawing and typing! Awwwww.


EmilyG said...

Cuteness!!! Both the quilt and the pic of itty bitty Maris!

Lisa said...

And again....Awwwwww! Love you in pigtails.

Ashley said...

Wow--what an awesome (and ambitious) quilt! I'm so impressed by the hand-quilting.

kat said...

what a great process... and I'm impressed with your hand stitching!
Super cute photo of you :)

Thanks for commenting on my blog... otherwise, I'd never met you :)

kat said...

opps, that should have been "meet"