23 March 2007

Bus Projects and Yarn Cakes

I am quite enamored with this Colinette Jitterbug Yarn. How can you not fall in love with it? Look at those colors! (Keeping in mind this is a night picture, no less!)


When I brought it home, I had to stage this little picture. Whenever I have a skein that has been wound, I think it looks like a little cake.

Yarn Cake

I want to create a hat that
I can put all of my hair into and wear low on my head. Mike said, "like a Rastafarian hat?"


To which I said, "No.......errr. Wellllll....kinda..Yes."

The yarn is great. It is springy, stretchy, and the fabric has an excellent drape. However, I'm not enamored with the pooling of the colors.

The informal poll I had my f
riends take think it's fine, but I think it looks better as a yarncake. Or socks. I looked at their website and they offer patterns for this yarn in sweaters and larger scale items. I wondered if the colors would pool more nicely in a pair of socks, but I do not want to take something out to start something again. After all, this is supposed to be a quick "bus project".

When I wake up early enough to make coffee, I'll read my book or Newsweek if my magazines ever return from black hole which is my local post office. Currently, I'm trying to finish Catch-22 by Joseph Heller. I'm enjoying the humor and insanity, and I can balance the book and my coffee easily.

Bus Projects

If I don't make any coffee, I'll work on my hat. I think I just want to finish the hat and make some tiny mitts before summer hits. The yarn is that lovely to work with. And I'm sure Yossarian would think I was insane for worrying about that, when he is trying not to get killed in combat.

I have one last thing to tell you. Mike picked up the few pieces of mail that arrived. He opens his package, blanches and groans, "Oh no!" I assumed it was a student loan bill. Oh no. It was his new license plate.


I think I love Pennsylvania after all.


Sherry W said...

Oh my, they put that on the plate???

Nicole said...

don't burn your yarn with that candle!!

Lisa said...

Wow, and I thought "You have a friend in Pennsylvania" was horrid! When did Indiana join the bible belt?

Nicole said...

I don't know why the license plate thing is so shocking. Doesn't everyone know that "In God We Trust" is written all over our money? That doesn't stop atheists from using legal tender, does it?