09 March 2007

ICA Shadow Fair - Come Visit!

Spring is almost here! In fact, I even encountered a flock of seagulls (giggle) on my walk to the bus this morning. The light is back and everyone seems kind of happy.

I have been chugging along with my sweater, turned the heel on my socks, and started a spring hat for myself with some gorgeous Colinette Jitterbug merino wool in 'Bright Charcoal'.

But mainly, I've been really tired and hibernating in my home watching the food network and pretending to be on cooking shows like Nigella Feasts.


Well, the hibernation is over. In fact, I think I have more things scheduled this weekend and the past few nights than my entire hectic workweek!

Two friends, Victoria and Jenny have art openings this week.

I cooked delicious but extremely spicy Thai curry with Olivia that made me feel like I was on pain medication or something! Has that ever happened to you? It was insane.

I am going snowboarding tomorrow with Heather and Nate from D.C. We're going up to the Poconos where I am hoping to school them with my skills. (wink) Cross your fingers for no freezing rain...

And most importantly (craft wise), I will be the proud booth partner / snack-eating lackey to my lovely friend, Aimee, the proprietress of Betsy Ross Patterns this Sunday. Let me give you some details, since you will all be visiting me:


It is this Sunday, March 11th from 11a.m. to 5p.m. at the ICA at UPenn. Click here for more details. You can buy something for yourself, talk to your favorite friend Marissa and feel good about doing something cultural on a Sunday afternoon. (Free admission between 11-1p.m.)


And one more picture of the hot air balloon by our nation's first zoo in my ..since I have no crafty progress today!

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Knitasaurus Rex! said...

Oh, wow, I didn't see your comment on my post (with a hat pattern by the same name) until now! I decided to knit up an orange version yesterday, and I looked at the post today for reference when I was doing the decreases. Your hat is really nice! It's such a weird coincidence that we both used the same name for our patterns.