05 February 2007

Progress...and surprise!

It's just a sweater! It's not like I'm knitting a fabric tarp for the next Christo project. Why was I so weary of knitting a sweater all these years?

As the sweater is coming along, I'm even happier with my pattern selection. Quite a few of you said, "I hate bobbles, but I'm sure your sweater will be cute..."


Here's a little look-see for all my haters... I know. You just changed your mind, and I completely understand!

I think that the playfulness of the bobbles works well with the sophisticated chocolate tweed yarn. It's a nice balance between cutesy and vintage. However, after this, I will be retiring from bobbles. (again).

The front is done, with the exception of the button band and the neck. I'm thinking of doing some small brass buttons with a patina and some type of design. Any suggestions on where to find something like that?


The sleeves have been started.


I had a minor issue with the blue edge on the finished back of my sweater, which may work, or may need to be started over.

At this point, I'm not upset if the back needs to be re-done, because it is basic stockinette, and I did it on the wrong size needles anyhow. Knitting is not instant gratification, and sometimes there are set backs.

Just as in life, sometimes you can gloss over something, and other times, it's just easier to take the time to fix the problem now and not have to worry about it or regret it later.


I'm just glad there are no bobble rows to be re-done. I assure you, my attitude would be completely different!


Lisa said...

...but you LOOOOOOOOVE bobbles! It has made me rethink my whole bobble phobia. As painful as it may be to redo the back, I think it will be worth it.

Love, the bag lady

Sherry W said...

The boobles look really fab, I don't care what the haters say!

sulu-design said...

Yeah, I'm on board with the bobbles, too. I love the playful texture with the serious yarn. Can't wait to see more!