04 January 2007

I Heart Tweed!

I heart tweed. And no, not Brooklyn Tweed, although I am a fan. Any guesses what this is going to grow up to be?

Tweedy Goodness

You still don't know? Okay, fine.


I signed up to take a
four-week sweater class at Loop with my friend, Olivia. Mind you, this was a day after I told Mike, "I decided that I am never going to make a sweater. My attention span is too short and I love doing projects that I can complete quickly. So I don't want to make one." Any of you who know me, are probably nodding your heads right now.

But--I really like my friend Olivia and wanted to take the class with her. The prospect of deadlines and having to go to four classes after completing "knitting homework" changed my mind. So did the generous Christmas check I received from my Aunt Marty. (Cha-ching = yarn!)

Well, since you know that I can never make things easy for myself...the glorious tweed above will be turning into, this. (Picture from Laughing Hens).


The pattern is Tyrolean by Sarah Dallas. It is among many gorgeous patterns in the hardcover of Vintage Knits. I have a love hate relationship with bobbles. They look so adorable, but they're so damn annoying to knit. But I think that the end result will be worth it.

Now stop shaking your head at me! I'm really going to prevail here!


Lisa said...

I promise to be a supportive knitting friend through the sweater trial. God bless you and all the bobbles!

betsy ross said...

and after you finish that sweater you can make that body stocking you promised me.