05 February 2007

Ice Blue Sparkly Things

I hope you have all been well. I found myself quite sick with the stomach flu last Thursday, and needed a few days to recuperate. I was too sick to even knit, can you believe it? I am very lucky to have a beau as sweet as Mike, who made me chicken noodle soup and bought me two gallons of Gatorade.

In fact, I was so ill that I didn't even have a chance to show off my lovely new haircut! How refreshing, I finally feel like myself again, only much sassier.


I went to American Mortals on 7th and Walnut and saw Sandi. She was fantastic and really listened to me and offered advice. I left with exactly what I had wanted, but didn't have the means to articulate. Perhaps she moonlights as a mind-reader?

They are very friendly, talented and not at all pretentious. I'm so glad that my friend, Jennifer, recommended this salon. (For someone who used to have such a phobia of the hair salon that she went to the biker barbershop with her dad--this is a very high recommendation!)

I enjoyed my stint as a
"bag model" for my friend Lisa's Etsy shop, Purl Mia Loggia. Lisa is selling gorgeous hand-knitted and felted bags in all sizes.

And speaking of Etsy, I bought my first item on there. Generally, Etsy overwhelms me, but these earrings from sulu-design left me inspired. I couldn't let someone else have my blue earrings! The owner seems very sweet and I will certainly shop there again.

Since I have little knitting progress to show you, I'll share a thank you card I sent to someone who showed me how to seam a sweater.

Dress Form

Sitting next on the card is another bust that my mother gave me. She is wearing a racy dress and graciously holds jewelry for me.


There will be more knitting soon, as I'm feeling the urge and am eager to finish my sweater, socks and even the Clapotis. However, adorable Peyton Manning is on Letterman and there are Valentine cupcakes to frost, so I must go!


Lisa said...

I love that the card has your baublishous sweater on it! I missed you at the fairisle class. I can now knit continental...yipeee!

Aponia said...

what is a biker barbershop?

maris said...

It is a barber shop run by Hell's Angels looking guys. My dad would take Andrew and me together and we would have pizza after!

Aponia said...

Damn you!!! I'm actually thinking about trading out my very easy to take care of hoops in my ears for a pair of pretty earrings I found on etsy! Great...now I have something else to dream about until I have a job.

Thanks damnit! =)

heather danielewicz said...

totally off the 'crafty' subject, but you look so adorable with bangs!