17 January 2007


Although this sweetheart did such a great job measuring, I am off about 3/4 of an inch lengthwise. It probably didn't help that I accidentally knited it on size 7 Addi Turbo circular needles instead of size 6.


Disclaimer: Non-knitters, there is quite a bit of shop talk in this post. Sometimes I forget it started as a knitting blog...

I need to rip off the cast-on blue bit anyway because it was cast-on too tightly, and Grace suggested I try
Elizabeth Zimmerman's sewn casting-on castoff method instead.

Then I will steam block the heck out of it to stretch that 3/4 of an inch. If not, it will be fine. As long as everything is consistent...

I am knitting both fronts of the cardigan at the same time, which I would generally prefer, as I hate backtracking or repeating things. However, it is slightly more possi
ble that I finish one panel of the front of the cardigan and the corresponding sleeve by next Wednesday.

It is our last class and I would like to have half of my sweater to seam together, especially since that is what I need the most help with. Have I stopped knitting the twin panel? No. I must separate them so that they can live their adolescent years apart. Perhaps tonight.

I bought a pair of Inox size 6 circulars, and they are not for me. Although the pointy tips are great, I tend to touch the tips often and prefer the blunt tip of the Addi's. They also make the wool feel squeaky when I knit and I'm not even a tight knitter. I liked Sherry's Knitpick's Options circulars, but prefer the Addis for for now.

I thought I needed the pointier tip for the bobbles. However, I tested out the Addis (how do you pluralize this?) and it is possible and much smoother to knit 3 together for my bobbles. So, I bought a pair of those and am enjoying my knitting again.


The pattern is four rows, and every other row has 2 or 4 bobbles in it. That is a lot of turning around and purling and k3tog and finger cramping and second guessing picking this pattern!

But it's not too bad and I'm getting the hang of the bobbles. If I knit the last three purled stitches of the back of the bobble loosely, it makes it easier to knit the three together. I'm also slipping the first of the 5 purled stitches and am finding it does create a more circular bobble.

Oh, but they are so cute! And I am going to love this sweater.


In non-related knitting news, I will be taking off work on Friday to spend the day in Brooklyn with Kathy Jean and Trey. Trey is flying in from Chicago for Kathy Jean's birthday. Good thing that I knitted KJ those
Fetching gauntlets so that I get some points too! (wink)

I not only get a ride home from knitting class from my friend Olivia, but she treated Mike and I to two delicious slice of homemade keylime pie with fresh whipped cream and a raspberry coulis. Now do you know why I wanted to be neighbors with this lady?

I'm hoping to get some knitting done on the bus to NYC tomorrow. My next post will be my sweater finished...it's possible, right?


Lisa said...

You are soooooo baublicious! Have fun in NYC.

Nicole said...

I was just in NYC last weekend, and I just happend to go to a puppet show at a theater where Trixze works!! How weird is that?! She seemed to remember me, but we didn't chat for long.
Anyway, have fun with your friends!

Sherry W said...

3/4? Really? crap, we measured it like 10 times!

Anonymous said...

Pyewacket apologizes for any measuring errors that may have occurred because he just haaaaaad to help you out with your knitting.