25 January 2007

Daylight Saving Time vs. The Philippine Cobra

Did you read that we will be doing a Daylight Saving Time study for the 2007 year? We will be turning our clocks forward on March 11th, instead of in April. Apparently, this is a test to see if we can save some energy. Also interesting is that most people seem to have an extremely strong opinion on Daylight Saving Time. (Did you know it's not Savings time? New trivia for me too!). What's your stance?

In Florida, we're too close to the equator to notice the difference in the daylight from summer to winter...which of course is redundant, since South Florida only has summer and summer-lite as seasons! Now that I live up north, I find myself brightening up each day that the sun sets a minute later, and cannot wait to spring forward. I definitely notice the sun affecting me in a positive way, and find myself feeling a bit gloomy when the days are short. However, in many parts of the world, this may be the opposite, or not make a difference, so my opinion may be a little ego-centric here....but happy people probably make better decisions...

What got me started on DST, is that I am unable to take any decent pictures of my knitting or stationary, so you will not be seeing any photos today!

I've been working diligently on my sweater, and playing with my watercolors, and pen and ink.

I'm enjoying painting and drawing little illustrations, and not needing everything to be perfect. My favorite paints are Schmincke and Winsor & Newton artist grade watercolor pans or tubes. I also love the ever versatile Escoda kolinsky sable brush. One single brush lets you do washes, small details, lines, and if you take good care of it, can last forever. I recommend a size 6. If you can't tell, I became an art supply snob when I worked at Pygmalion's Art Supply in Bloomington, Indiana, which is my favorite art store in the United States.

I also selected a new pseudonym for myself. This is because of the awesome new name for our Quizzo Team, the "Deadly Viper Squad". At the Locust Bar, I am now known only as the "Philippine Cobra". There will probably be a tee shirt to follow, with vinyl letters and a sparkly cobra in the national colors of my mother's homeland.

Stay warm, everyone! (Except for all you show offs down South).

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