17 January 2007

Degenerate Knitters

When I told people I was going to a "knitting slumber party", they thought I was kidding. When they realized that I thought this was an extremely exciting event, they tried not to make fun of me. Well, you are all going to be jealous, because it was the most...fun...ever.

I met Regina, Lisa, Sherry, Jennifer and Rhonda at a knitting circle, and they are way too cool to only see for an hour at a time. Regina graciously hosted a party and invited us to stay over, since it is in the suburbs. They collect all sorts of random items that you never knew about but covet instantly. I kept walking around eating the homemade sushi that Regina made saying, "Oh my God! This is so cool!"

Or, in the case of The King, "Oh. My. God. What IS that?!"

The King

Yes folks. That is a frightening bas-relief of an anonymous royal, who bears a striking resemblance to Burger King's King. The King doesn't look so scary next to Sherry, but stand anywhere in the room, and he won't take his eyes off of you. (Regina, I love him, though! And did wake up alive after all).

To break down any preconceived notions of what knitters do when they hang out--we drank beer and watched the Eagles game. (While knitting of course!)

Regina's husband brews his own beer and enjoys introducing others to kweichow moutai. Hint: if the bottle looks like motor oil, you probably don't want to drink it. But, it was a small shot, and a favorite drink of old Chinese men, so I'm glad I tried it. Even though it made us belch motor fumes for the rest of the night. And Robert did buy us all fresh bagels in the morning and let four extra women take over his home! (Thanks, Robert!)


I had such a great time. I was sorry that our favorite girl, Jennifer couldn't make it, but we had fun in her and her mom's honor. Well, I did, because I say cheesy stuff like that and I adore Jen.

Last bits, I fell in love with their chocolate and black lab, and three cats. Dita von Pumpkin even sat on my lap for about two hours!

I reached my goal by finishing the back of my sweater, and even got some help measuring. Thanks, guys!



Lisa said...

Love the shot of Jez and Dita measuring the back of your sweater! You forgot to mention the multiplicity of Moutai belches, lasting into Sunday am. Fun,fun,fun!

Sherry W said...

I still have that taste in my mouth of the motor oil brew. Yeeeck!

Regina does have the coolest house in the planet!

maris said...

Alright ladies, I edited my post to include the plethora of belches.