03 December 2006


Mike's art show in NYC went very well. It was last Thursday. There was a huge turnout, and his stuff was the best work there. (Honestly, I'm not even being biased here!)

The one fun thing about blogging, is that I've been taking more pictures, and looking at things from a more artistic perspective again. I'm no professional photographer by any means, but I used to enjoy doing it and being in the darkroom.

While we were in New York, we had the loveliest weather. It was in the mid sixties, and perfectly sunny. Since we didn't have a lot of money to spend, we spent a lot of time walking around and enjoying the gorgeous day.

Rockefeller Center

We had to visit The Rockefeller Center in it's holiday glory of course. I took a great picture of the butt crack of a woman skating. For the moves that she was doing, the woman needed to wear a longer sweater and perhaps invest in some non-hoochie pants. I'm taking the classy road in not posting the picture....at this time (wink).


Union Square...Anyone know what that number thing is tallying? I'm too lazy to look this up. Blue ribbon to the correct guess...I love the color of the leaves, and the flashy gold next to the techie building.

Union Square

Gorgeous red leaves...we were bombarded by crazed squirrels and sketchy people in this park, but ran into a good friend from Bloomington unexpectedly! These may be the prettiest leaves I see all year.

Red Trees NYC

The New York Public Library. I love me some books! Just kidding. This is a gorgeous library though, and I love the lions guarding the books.

New York Public Library

Guess what?! I even knit some of my second sock on the bus ride there. And petted some fibers in a yarn store, salivated over some fabrics, and got 2 cookie cutters! (An "M" for Mike, and an ice-cream cone for me. Good thing the M works for me too--so I really got two presents! Ha ha ha.)


Nicole said...


maris said...

And the blue ribbon goes to Nicole, for her correct answer on the question.

Nicole and her lovely husband win a trip to Walt Disney World, and a dinner in Cinderella's Castle!

Thanks, Nicole!

Lisa said...

Show me the butt crack-

Love your very unclassy friend xoxoxo