05 November 2006

Weekend of Indulgence

This Diarufuran is going to be a hat for my friend, Heather. I don't knit for people all the time, but I do have a pact with my friends from Ft. Lauderdale. If they move somewhere cold (and preferably near me!), I will make them something. Basically, I am bribing my friends to live near me with knitted incentives.


I missed going to Stitches this weekend in Baltimore, but kept myself quite occuppied. On Saturday I bought myself some new presents for starting my new job. What did I purchase, you ask?


For starters, this fantastic machine washable lunchbag from BuiltNY. I got one in black at Foster's Gourmet Cookware at the Reading Terminal. The first thing I did when I got home was see how many things I could cram into it, then did an impromptu presentation for Mike. Similar to my own tv infomercial. ("But there's MORE! Next we'll put a two liter bottle of soda in this teeny compartment!") I used it for lunch today and it was fabulous. It fits way more than I expected.


Then I 'accidentally' saw these cute shoes on sale. I wanted the blue, but no luck...but the smart saleslady had me try the brown on instead, and I decided to adopt them. They're very comfy and will be good for work...once I find some more brown clothes! (wink)

My friend Olivia had some people over for dinner, and it was better than Thanksgiving. She is an expert at roasting chicken and used a recipe of Jamie Oliver's, aka "The Naked Chef". The chicken was glorious in its rosemary, basil, and lemony goodness. However, the item that I was raving about though was her mushroom gravy. I kept going back for more mashed potatoes just to eat more gravy. I almost grabbed a straw and had at it, but thought it may be rude...

Yesterday morning I caught up with some girlfriends over brunch at
The Standard Tap in Northern Liberties. We then watched Running With Scissors which is based on the book by Augusten Burroughs. It was very good and had a fantastic cast, but I think you may miss a lot of the details if you hadn't read the book. However, I think that the story still works well on it's own and is definitely worth seeing.

I also scored a free lemon bar from a good friend, Victoria, got to see an art show for First Friday and eat mussels. Talk about a perfect weekend! Even without buying any yarn!

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