26 November 2006

Birthday Girl

My birthday was on the nineteenth. My mom and dad spoiled me with a box of crazy gifts, including some items my mom informed me were re-gifted and items I had left at home in Florida. It was still so exciting to open a box of stuff. My mom rocks!

Presents from Mom

Included in the box were some Swedish candies that our friends had brought us when they visited from Sweden. Let's put it this way, my mom sent them to me because they were too gross to eat. By the end of my party, we were passing the candy around daring people to eat it. We also needed to pass around napkins so that the taste-testers could gag out the candy quickly. This was inevitable because the candy was a salty, gummy, licorice in the shape of cats and gorillas. The gorilla candy included ammonia as an ingredient. There was also a touch of menthol.

I even made a birthday bet of $10 that my friend, Abe, wouldn't put the rest of the candy in his mouth and eat it. Of course he did, then I felt bad and told him he could spit it out. But I paid the man for pure entertainment value!

I invited some of my favorite neighbors over for lasagna, beer and birthday cake. My sweet friend in the flowered dress made me the cake. Mike was going to, but we ran out of time. I now have a "free birthday cake pass" that I may have to use tonight. I mean, seriously, what is Sunday night without sweets and cake? I may have to make a pumpkin pie as well, since we are out of left-overs.


I must say that the highlight of my birthday was receiving a handmade pinata, made in the likeness of my beau, from craftster extraordinaire,
Aimee. She is the founder of a very cool sewing pattern business, but can hopefully be convinced to start making party pinatas full time. (wink)

Karate Kid

We weren't using a stick to hit it at first, because we were scared to knock down Mike's paintings...In this glamourous shot, I am unintentially imitating a favorite childhood hero--Ralph Macchio, in the Karate Kid.

All in all, I had a fabulous birthday. I am a lucky girl.

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Lisa said...

Happy belated birthday, Maris! Imagine a horrific rendition of Happy Birthday playing in your head....that's me singing to you!!!!! Lucky girl that it is only makebelieve.