11 December 2006

Argyle Cards

We moved into my new apartment in July. With my trip to the Philippines and other things going on, I just had the chance to set up my little studio area last month.

It ended up being in the bedroom because there's a bright window, a second television and lots of space. I placed a curtain along tension wire so that I separate the studio area from the sleeping area.


I'm quite happy with how my studio area has turned out, especially since I've now been inspired to start doing this. I have finally set up my own shop on etsy.com.

Argyle Xmas Trees

More to come...

Xmas Cards


Nicole said...

These are awesome. How do I buy them separately? On your etsy site it looks like you can only put the pack of 6 in your cart (although I didn't register and try to purchase, so maybe the option is later?).

I also love how your etsy name "marissandrew" because of how it can be read like your two names or with the word "and" in the middle! Did your parents name you both like that on purpose?!

AND i love the quilt on your bed, i think you had the fabric samples for it on your myspace pictures and I liked it then! All of your work is inspiring to me!

Sherry W said...

Good luck with your shop, girl!