07 December 2006

2006 in Review

I saw this meme on Sweet Georgia's blog. I thought it may be fun to do. It may not be that much fun for you to read, but it's here for my loyal fans (you know who you are)!

1. How was 2006 for you?
2. What was the highlight of your year?
3. What did you want to accomplish that you didn’t get to?
4. What are you planning for 2007?

1. How was 2006 for you?

  • Bittersweet is how I would describe 2006. This has been the year when I’ve had to sort out my feelings of losing my younger brother last year (December 16, 2005). However, it’s also been a year where my perspective on life has changed. I think when your life falls apart, you have to figure out how to survive and grow and learn. You can’t shut down and feel guilty for being happy, or for being able to do things that your loved one can’t see or share with you. It has been a year where I’ve felt the need to protect my parents, and to let them and my friends and family help me too.
  • This has been the year to get off of my tookus and try to do the things I’ve been dreaming about for years. Most of these things will be included in question 3 and 4, but at least I’m putting myself out there. I don’t want to be so scared to fail at something, that I never try new things.
  • 2006 is the year I became a blogger. I never thought I’d be a blogger, and found it somewhat silly at one time. But I really enjoy it, and reading others' blogs. I always liked to write, but it was mainly letters to friends, or journal entries. (Journals that my best friend Tracy knows to burn when I die! While refraining the urge to read them!) I didn’t realize how much I missed putting my words out there for others to see as well.

    It’s also so inspiring to see what other people are working on, and getting new ideas, sharing new products and being part of an online community. And it’s also been a place where I’ve become better friends with people I know in my “real life”.

2. What were the highlights of your year?

  • My trip to the Philippines with my mom. I got to know my aunts, uncles, dozens of cousins, and my cousins children, who happen to be the cutest children ever. Incidentally, the lowlight of our year occurred on this trip--which was my poor mom breaking her ankle pretty badly while we were there. But our hospital visit will provide stories and laughs to fill this lifetime! And, I loved learning a little Tagalog!
  • Quizzo, parties, get-togethers, impromptu meetups, brunches and movies with friends! This fall, I have gotten over my slump and become social again. There was definitely a slump for awhile. Understandable of course...but being a hermit gets old. (And I don't want to harass Mike too much!)
  • Being a bridesmaid in my friend, Tara's wedding in Jacksonville, Florida. And especially getting to see my favorite children in the Western Hemisphere.
  • See Mike get his MFA in Painting!
  • Getting to see my "Swedish Brother". We had a wonderful exchange student in 2000, named Daniel. He is the greatest guy and my family loves him. It was so much fun to see him when he visited with his friend Olof.

3. What did you want to accomplish that you didn't get to?

  • I'd like to go to the beach one time this year. Ironically, I have been to the following places this year, but extenuating circumstances prevented the visit! Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, Atlantic City, Davao and Manila in the Philippines. Oh wait--I will be in Ft. Lauderdale from the 22nd of December until the end of the year. I will get in the ocean in those 9 days.
  • I was hoping to make more soup this year, sew an apron and make a cupcake pin cushion for a friend and myself. But it has been a warm winter, and the cupcakes can wait until 2007!
  • This year I have learned to not get down on myself for not finishing everything I set out to do. If it sits for a bit, that's fine. I'll pick it up when I feel inspired again. I'm sick of stressing myself out for goals that I set for myself. Therefore, I'm trying to set more realistic goals for myself, and accomplish those.

4. What are you planning for 2007?

  • Setting up my etsy.com store mariss+drew, to sell stationary and possibly some handmade items in the future.
  • Soup club! Anyone interested in joining my soup club, let me know. We will make a big vat of soup once a month and everyone takes some home. You must invest in some fine Tupperware that is spill proof! (wink)
  • Scrounging up some money to go to Hawaii with my best friend Trey, her mom and aunt. Can we say...subsidized?! I'm just kidding! But I adore Trey and her family. We'll see how this goes...
  • I'd like to read Don Quixote by Cervantes and finish any other books on my list to finish.

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