09 October 2006

Time for socks...

Some of you may remember the Koigu on the left. Once upon a time, it was slated to become a Star Cluster Shawl, from Rosie's Yarn Cellar.


I restarted this shawl numerous times, before I finally made some progress. Once I made enough progress to really get somewhere, I realized that I had been pulling the alternating yarns on the side of the shawl too tightly creating an unbalanced triangle. I ripped it out and called it a day.

The Star Cluster Shawl isn't even my favorite shawl pattern. For starters, I usually detest triangular shawls. (However, that is quickly changing after seeing the great results with the coveted
Shetland Triangle everyone is making). Perhaps there is another shawl in my future, after all.

I was mainly knitting the shawl that I hated because knitted up, the Koigu was positively springy...and squishy and I wanted to play with this for days on end. But that's just the Koigu, not the shawl.

So I decided to make socks with the Koigu. I took a toe up sock class at Rosie's a few months ago, and was excited to work on my socks en route to the Philippines. With all the "terror alerts", I was careful to double check the TSA website, and saw that knitting needles were absolutely allowed.

Until I got in line at security. I realized that the police may not realize what double pointed needles were, as the size zeros do look like weapons. I double checked with security, they said to throw them out. They were serious. I was so bummed out, because I had finally made some progress. (Perhaps this yarn is cursed?)

I threw the newly purchased dpns out into a nearby trash receptacle. I was so disappointed, but had already checked in my bag, and really wanted to make it to the Philippines and not to jail.

Once I got to the screening area, I realized that the people taking I.D. cards were not the actual TSA people, who had caused the confusion. After some quick questions, guess who found out that my needles at the bottom of a trash can were certainly allowed?

Guess who smiled, walked over to the trash can (not very full), glanced at the curious and disgusted bystanders, removed the huge lid, and fished all five size zero dpns out of said trash receptacle?

Yes. That was in July. I have since lost the fifth of the dpns, so bought a new pair this weekend. I got a bamboo set at
Sophie's Yarn Store and played with the adorable but recently orphaned kitty Purl, who I gave plenty of affection.

I feel that I have had so many complications just to knit anything with this yarn. But I'm going to try one more time to make some socks, because frankly, the Clapotis is boring the crap out of me.


Lisa said...

The picture that comes to mind of you dumpster diving after your needles is well...priceless!

nicole said...

i just went to WA last week and I made sure to read the TSA website. So I packed an entire little (ok, not-so-little) bag of yarn and needles and no one said anything. Sorry you had to go through that confusion, but when it comes to airport security, I think it best not to say anything unless they call you on it :)

maris said...

Yes...however, this was shortly after the liquid incident at the London Heathrow Airport, so I wasn't taking ANY chance! The TSA website actually said-if you take something through security, we will arrest you in line. Or something super scary like that!

Sherry W said...

I would have fished for them as well.