03 October 2006


I spent the weekend in New York City, and had such a fantastic time.

I started the weekend by dining at
Gramercy Tavern with my girlfriend Kathy Jean, who is a chef there. My first course were seared scallops in a fancy sauce, and my second course was striped bass with vegetables. My first dessert was a coconut tapioca pudding with a cilantro sauce that was beyond words. (Do you see a pattern here?) They brought that out prior to my chocolate zucchini cake with pistachio ice cream, because I simply could not decide.

The service was excellent and the adorable waiter recommended fabulous wines which I cannot remember, but loved drinking. And did I mention that this meal was free?

Oh yes. I am only friends with people who have food vouchers from now on. Unless of course you would like to purchase something off of my "wish list" on

I am a bridesmaid in a wedding in two weeks, and have already spent over a thousand dollars. I have started to fantasize of the things I could have bought instead, and am placing my 'wish list' on this site.

Today I selected a pair of
Stuart Weitzman "Swashbuckler" boots and a Cannondale road bike. Just knowing that they are "mine" gives me the euphoria of a cool new purchase, without the guilt or dent in my savings.

Oh, I'm sorry! Did you think this was a knitting blog? It's actually just a blog promoting my non-bridal registry. Just kidding, back to NYC...

On Saturday, I visited
Purl Soho. It's a hip knitting store in Soho with gorgeous yarns and gorgeous help. (I think it's a requirement to be gorgeous and work in the service industry in Manhattan). They're not the friendliest bunch, but then again, I'm not a celebrity...at this time.

My friend Kathy had the day off, so she took me to
Purl Patchwork. It is owned by the same people as the knitting store, but instead, sells the most beautiful and funky fabrics in town. I am in love with their stuff. My heart started palpitating, I had sensory overload, and ultimately decided that I would have to come back with a project in mind, or a huge stack of cash.

However, I couldn't leave New York without anything fabric or yarn related! So I bought myself a sampler pack of 8 - 18" x 24" scraps of fabric from Purl Patchwork. I have some designs in my head just waiting to be sketched out...


My favorite is the little bicycle print below! I have a special surprise to make with this one, for a good friend. I'll keep you posted...


Oh, and before you feel too bad for me, I did not leave empty-handed! I got a pair of fake Gucci shades in China Town! And please allow yourself a hearty chuckle at my 'movie star' pose... enjoy your weekends, everyone!



nicole from phs said...

You look hot in those shades!

I will definitely have to check out that yarn store next time I'm in NYC!!

Lisa said...

Hey, you gorgeous thing! Maybe some weekend we can hit Purl Patchwork together in our fabulous designer shades? I keep fondling the pretty fabric you gave me.

Sherry W said...

I love the bikes! :)